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How Trend Transformed to a Timeless Classic

A combinations of simple design and an unmistakably bold color and shape gives this dress the edge over many others. Although it was originally made for a wedding it has been worn for few other occasions such as red carpet appearances and promotional photo shoots.

Dress was made for a fashionista and a blogger “queenofgowns”, according to her inspiration and vision. I upgraded her design by adding the draped bodice which become the focal point of the dress by creating a convergence of cascading untamed folds at the front of the waist. The stretch crepe fabric used will give the ease for the snug fit and be comfortable for the wearer.

The dress has matured. At first the dress was made sleeveless and with floor sweeping chiffon cape. The cape definitely brought some air of mysteriousness and served well the latest trends. But trends are not forever. Later adjusted version of the dress is without the cape and with three quarter sleeves. This makes it timeless classic and I hope it will collect many looks of astonishment and awe in future occasions.

DSC_0058DSC_0014  DSC_0026