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Re-Fashioning from Bridal to Denim

Wedding dresses are so special that it’s such a shame that we only get to wear them for one day. There are ways to up-cycle your wedding dress to get more wear out of it. One of the methods could be adding the layer of chiffon, in the colour of your choice. This ivory silk wedding dress was shortened and used as a neutral base for a vibrant georgette layered cocktail dress.


Another way to make a use of the wedding dress is to use the fabric to create another piece of clothing. This dress was used to make a christening outfit. As a christening gown it can even be passed down as an heirloom to all the children in your family.

Wedding dresses that are covered in lace and satin are also good to use for lingerie. You can turn your wedding dress into a lace or chiffon baby-doll dress.

Evening dresses might sometimes need up-cycling too, to something more likeable, wearable, more modern. Here I had two bargain bough dresses that were tuned into one off-shoulder evening gown with sleeves and added embellishment. The other dress was used as a fabric source.

This dress  was saved from its miserable condition and bad fit. Along the way it also got a modern minimalist architectural look.

Lace is great material to work with what comes to re-fashioning. Here the nude tone lining was added underneath the lace top part. This made the look of the item is sensual as well as discreet.

This blouse had lower neckline and shorter sleeves. After adding lace appliques it gained a higher neckline and longer floatier sleeves.


This lovely coat had an accident. Due to the ripped fabric it needed to be re-fashioned. Rips can’t always be repaired and then it is better to go for a look change.

Even tho jeans look so complex and final with all the special studs, zips and top-stitches there is still hope for a change. This pair had a waist that was too low and too wide. Waist was taken in from center back and original waistband opened and built up to double the height. It needed some clever reworking of buttonholes and finding new sew-on shank buttons to keep the look close to the authentic one.