Rich and Intricate Lace

Rich and Intricate Lace

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The year started by making these two gowns: the blouse and skirt ensemble and the dress. It was for January wedding and worn by brides’ sister and her sister in law. As it was a traditional Jewish wedding some guidelines needed to be followed for necklines, sleeves and length. For me a certain framework helps to create, giving it a clarity and focus.  The idea was to combine different fabrics and to have the wow effect in texture and detail.

The blouse-skirt outfit came along nicely with few fittings that involved some alterations and decision making for proportions and details. The blouse is made with lace and under-layered with habutai, collar and cuffs are from taffeta. The same taffeta is the fabric for the skirt, only reversed. The deeper tone gives more depth and maturity to the whole look. To bring it all together the narrow tie around the wait was added.

For the dress we started off by making the toil and then went through a process of trials and errors. Sometimes when fabrics are very specific this is the only way. The delicate beaded lace is the heart of the dress and everything else works for it. The dress is made of taffeta and layered with organza. Bias cut gives a fit and flow with ease.  All lace applique work is hand-stitched. It involved very much time and labour, but made the dress spectacular.

Both girls were happy with the dresses and even hapier wearing them on the day. I heard they received many compliments.

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With fashion design background and various experience in dressmaking I offer made-to-measure and alterations services for women.

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