Reveal, emphasize, disguise and avoid

Reveal, emphasize, disguise and avoid

Everybody wants to find the “ultimate look” that makes us thinner, leaner, sexier. The specific style and design choices that go into achieving it can be very personal depending on your shape, proportions, personality and life style. There is one rule tho that I think applies to all  and at any time: tight revealing dresses can show off your best parts but they also show the worst.

There is some magic in covering up. It gives an chance to disguise and distract from the weaker features and bring focus on strengths. It is also appealing to opposite sex, leaving room for imagination. By emphasizing the best bits of the body you present all to the same standard.  If you have tiny waist, emphasize that. Nice arms, wear sleeveless dresses. Neckline is a good and safest way to show some flesh. Only find the right one that frames your face, neck and shoulders the best. Open back always brings some sexiness with class.  Skirt shapes and lengths depend a lot on your hips, bum and legs. Don’t go too tight in fit. It will never make you look smaller! Always test walking and sitting before deciding on the tightness. Good is a nice tailored fit, with a ease for few fingers. Even the fabric choices serve a purpose. Light fabrics, even in volumes, can make you look lighter. Stretch fabrics with some body can shape the silhouette.

All in all, clothing needs to flatter you- work for you and not against. It is matter of making the right choices and being selective. A selected emphasis in one or two places work wonders where all at once and too much do the opposite-commit style faux pa. It might be a helpful to apply the “checklist of tacky”- shiny, short, tight and cheap. And avoid the ticks in one bundle.


With fashion design background and various experience in dressmaking I offer made-to-measure and alterations services for women.

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