Reflecting on Bridalwear

Reflecting on Bridalwear

As I write this there are white surrondings all around me. Winter holiday has treated me with plenty of snow. I am scheduling work for wedding season and that tricks me into thinking summer it is not far. Wishful thinking. As well as practical, because every bridal gown needs plenty of time. Along with forwardplanning my head taps into last year when the time was a little more manageable.

Looking back at the last year the most memorable pieces are the bridal gowns. With so much expectations and dreams invested in every single dress the work on these pieces is always very labourous, but also very rewarding. Some of the biggest wedding dresses were ready made samples from the top designers that needed a better fit or a slight revamp.  Per dress was carefully planned over 3-4 months including several fittings. Fittings mostly stand for achieving the right fit, but many bridal dresses now need decorative solutions. Such as lace applique,  3D florals, pearls and beads, all different solutions are discussed and sometimes tested.

These trends I believe were set in motion by royal wedding 5 years ago, 2011. Catherine Middletons Alexander McQueen dress made lace integral part of bridal wear and not only, it also strongly filtered into high street fashion. Lace has dominated the bridal wear for many years now and as every good trend it has evolved. It has gained more emphasis and statement with embellishment and dimentsion.  We are now beginning to see a very luxurious statement laces, chiffons or mesh with pearls, beads, diamonds, hand made embroidery, laser cut appliques and 3D florals.  This definetly keeps the trend new and exiting. Perhaps soon we are going to look for something a little different and understated, but I’m sure this year still holds quite a considerable amount of work with lace for me.

Here are some of the bridal highlights of 2016:





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