Chanel Style Jacket

Chanel Style Jacket

These beautiful textured fabrics – tweed and bouclé – form Linton Tweeds are perfect for Chanel Style Jackets. Like any good thing, this specific garment has so many names: Classic French Jacket, Fench Couture Jacket, Iconic Tweed Jacket. It has specific teqniques in how it is made and certain features in the way it looks and fits.

Although called a jacket, the style is closer to the cardigan – the front edges are abutting, not overlapping. The lining is hidden-quilted to the main fabric and two materials suppose to function as one. Garment gets it fit by princess seams that create the shape from shoulder over bust to waist to hem. Feature trims along all the edges and fancy buttons are a must.

These days a lot of Chanel Style Jackets are factory made and varie in their make and look. But the couture jacket includes handsewing and as any couture piece, it includes generous seam allowance. Fully hand made, the estimated work hours are considered to be 70 to 100.

For this tipe of jacket it is no shame to splurge on trims and choose the ones that stand out. I put together some ideas for the embellishment. Often it is nice to fray a strip of the same tweed and run the trim on top. But options are endless – there are many combination of ribbons, cords, chains, beading and braiding that can decorate the edges of neckline, front, jacket and sleeve hem.

Step further is adding some buttons, which by  common reccomendation should stand out too. So if a jacket is blue maybe don’t go for blue buttons and opt for something more outstanding.

However, I’ve created some jackets in the past and they had all the trims colour coordinated with very little contrast. They have benefitted in a very sophisticated look.



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